Elevate Range


Wilson Homes are thrilled to launch this exciting new range of architecturally designed, split level and two storey homes specifically designed to make the most of your block, delivering you more space across multiple levels.

We know that Tasmania has the most beautiful and diverse scenery in the world. From Mountains to lakes, beaches to bays, the Wilson Homes Elevate designs will enable you to maximise your space and enjoy our beautiful landscapes every day with this new range, specifically designed for sloping or compact blocks, of Split Level and Two Storey home designs.

Wilson Homes are a multi-award winning team, celebrating building homes for Tasmania families for 30 years. This new Split Level and Double Storey range meets the growing demand for multi-level home designs thanks to the changing property landscape.

The Elevate range is diverse with broad range of options, allowing you to select the perfect split level or two storey floor plan to suit both your home needs and maximise the usage of your block.

Take your dream home to another level, a higher level with the Elevate Range.

Take your dream to higher ground

Anchorage One

1 Variations
3 2 1 12.66 2

Anchorage Two

1 Variations
3 2 1 12.66 2

Anchorage Three

1 Variations
3 2 2 11.96 2


1 Variations
3 1 2 11.46 2

Coastal Retreat

1 Variations
3 2 2 12.985 2

Freshwater One

1 Variations
3 2 2 12.71 2

Freshwater Two

1 Variations
4 2 2 12.71 2


1 Variations
3 2 2 12.785 2


1 Variations
4 2 2 14.9 2


1 Variations
4 2 2 10.695 2


1 Variations
3 2 1 11.25 2


1 Variations
4 2 2 11.92 2


Our finance team are experts and specialists in construction home loans, working alongside Wilson Homes they make the finance process simpler and easy on you, with the ease of doing everything all in the one place. 

Protect Your Investment


A house is a big investment. Our insurance cover, through CGU, gives you reassurance that your home and contents are fully protected. We can offer three levels of Home & Contents Insurance giving you the freedom to choose the best cover to suit your needs.


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