8 Easy Steps to Building with Wilson Homes

Here at Wilson Homes we pride ourselves on delivering an honest and brilliant experience at every step of your build journey. We will partner with you through every stage and milestone throughout the entire building process, from the moment we help you to select the perfect design for your lifestyle and location, to the day we hand over the keys to your brand new Wilson Home.

1. Acceptance Fee Taken

Your acceptance fee entitles you to a generous 180 day price protection period. During this nominated time period we’ll need to work together as a team to complete a number of tasks to enable Wilson Homes to start on your site in the shortest possible time.

2. Consolidated Tender

We will produce your Consolidated Tender once all reports and information have been received, or produce your Interim Consolidated Tender if your land is not registered, for you to approve. All appointments will be scheduled: Plan Acceptance Meeting, Contract Signing Appointment and Electrical Appointment.

Receive your detailed estimate outlining your selected inclusions for your dream home. That’s peace of mind before you get the ball rolling on making your dream home a reality.

3. Plan Drawing

We will send your file to the Drafting Department to produce your Plans. You will attend a meeting with our Plan Presenter to view and sign off your plans.

4. Selections at MyChoice Design Studio

You will attend the MyChoice Design Studio Selections appointment and make your colour selections and specify choices on all finishes.

5. Electrical

You will attend an Electrical Selections Appointment to nominate the positioning of lights, switches and power points, as well as selecting any additional electrical items. We will raise a Post Contract variation for any additional Electrical costs should you have selected extra items.

6. HIA Fixed Price Contract 

We will complete your building plans and associated supporting documentation and amalgamate your approved Colour Selections with your Consolidated Tender to produce your HIA Fixed Price Contract.

7. Building Approvals

We will lodge your plans for approval with Council or a Private Certifier (also to Taswater, Energy Assessment and Engineering if applicable). You will be required to pay the 5% Deposit (less the original Acceptance Fee previously paid) once we invoice you.

8. Authority to Commence Construction

We will supply you with a copy of your Building Approval documentation to enable you to seek an Authority to Commence Construction (ACC) from your Financial Lender. We will commence construction within 20 working days of documented ACC date!

You will now move through to our construction department... enjoy the journey!

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