Charity Partnerships

Wilson Café Partnership with Make-A-Wish

Wilson Homes is proudly Tasmanian, we stand for locals and for those who choose to make Tasmania home, and we support our community when they’re going through tough times. That’s why when we renovated the MyChoice Design Studio in Hobart, we built the Wilson Café and partnered with Make-A-Wish Australia to start the Make a wish with Wilson initiative. $1 from every coffee and hot drink our barista makes for staff and clients is donated towards this charity, helping grant more wishes for Tasmanian children diagnosed with critical illnesses.

These special wishes are more than just a nice, one-time event – they make a tremendous impact on the lives of children by giving them the courage to endure medical treatment, bringing families together, and uniting communities.

Through Make a wish with Wilson, we hope to spread awareness for this amazing charity to each client who visits our MyChoice Design Studio, and share with our staff inspirational stories about Tasmanian wishes that have been granted though their generous donations. Wishes like 8 year-old Grace’s, who was diagnosed with spasticity diplegia as a baby. Her wish was for a black pug puppy, so that for once she could be the one to do the looking after, rather than always being looked after. Grace’s puppy Bella would be her best friend, filling a long standing void. After having her wish granted, and Bella joining the family, Grace’s mother said that the bond between her daughter and the puppy was so strong, “They are best friends. They are inseparable.”

The wishes that Grace and the other children get to experience at the hand of Make-a-Wish truly are magical. They create anticipation, joy, and hope for young children during the toughest time in their lives.

Make a Wish Cafe

Colony 47

Wilson Homes has signed a three year partnership with Colony 47 one of Tasmania’s oldest independent charities which strives to help young Tasmanians to be healthy, housed, learning, employed and empowered.

Wilson Homes have committed $20,000 annually for three years to provide safety upgrades, maintenance, and household equipment to Mara House and Colville Place, supporting 12 to 20-year-olds experiencing homelessness.

This collaboration with Wilson Homes exemplifies the power of community, philanthropy, and business partnership and provides a beacon of hope for the future of young Tasmanians.

Innovative Partnership Tackles Youth Homelessness

Applications for Support

Wilson Homes donates one substantial amount to one individual recipient charity every year. If your charity would like to be considered please forward a detailed proposal to the general manager for consideration.

Additionally, we have supported many other community groups with labour, materials and offers of support from our company.