Fireplace Inspiration


Whether you’re longing for cold Winter nights rugged up next to the fire, enjoying the fun and excitement of an outdoor fire pit or entertaining with the luxury of a suspended fireplace, we’ve put together our favourite indoor and outdoor fireplace ideas to add extra warmth and atmosphere to your winter. Create an area in your home that will bring comfort, elegance and a central space for entertaining or relaxing. Read more and be inspired to get toasty. 


Let your mind drift away with the mesmerising flames of an indoor fireplace as you curl up on the couch under a blanket or spread out on the rug with a board game and a glass of wine. Wilson Homes offer a selection of indoor fireplace options as an upgrade should you wish to live in more luxury and need extra warmth during the frosty Winter’s nights. You can chat to our Building & Design Consultants to see how this would fit in with your selected plan. 



Bring your alfresco to life this Winter with an outdoor fire pit, allowing you to spend more time outdoors, even in the cooler months! People love to gather around fire, so having a fire pit in your backyard creates a focal point at any gathering. Whether you’re having a few casual drinks with some friends, cooking up tasty jacket potatoes in foil or roasting marshmallows with the kids – there’s plenty of reasons why you should buy a fire pit when you move in to your new Wilson home. 



A suspended fireplace is like an art installation hanging from your ceiling, a key feature in any home that will easily become a talking point. This type of fireplace maximises on space and possesses a unique sculptural quality and elegant aesthetic that will add sophistication to your new home. This modern fireplace will fill your home with a natural warmth and will create a wonderful, Zen vibe when entertaining in Winter.  


Discuss your fireplace options with the team at MyChoice Design Studio and bring a touch of heat to your new home.