Designing Your Dream Family Home

Wilson Homes

Creating a home that accommodates the ever-changing needs of a family can be challenging. Whether it’s childproofing for the little ones or ensuring teenagers have multi-functional spaces of their own, every aspect requires thoughtful consideration. Our homes are built for all the days you call it home, offering lasting versatility and functionality. Let’s look at our top 5 tips for family-friendly design that embody modern family living at its best.


Open-plan design is all about connectivity, seamlessly weaving together different areas of the home. Whether it’s cooking in the kitchen, homework at the dining table, or watching a movie in the living area, shared spaces encourage quality time. Plus, it’s perfect for entertaining, offering ample room for socialising and creating a welcoming atmosphere with lots of natural light and fresh air flow.



Function before form is a key principle in home design, prioritising practicality over aesthetics. In the kitchen, where practicality is essential, ensure there is enough space for everyone, from little helpers to busy adults. Focus on the work triangle, positioning essential elements like the sink, stove, and refrigerator for maximum efficiency.



Multi-zone living is ideal for accommodating diverse family needs. Having a kid friendly area, such as a leisure or family room, means younger family members are well catered to. A dedicated home office fosters work-life balance for busy parents while also serving as a study area for teenagers. Having two living areas provides ample opportunity for connection and entertainment, while also offering separation if needed. Multi-zone living offers moments of solitude and relaxation, allowing family members to unwind and do their own thing in a busy household.



Proper storage solutions are essential for keeping your home organised. A mudroom is the perfect addition, providing a dedicated space to store shoes and jackets. Meanwhile, spacious garage shelving offers ample room for tools and outdoor gear. Inside, linen closets manage household essentials, while bathroom storage prevents toiletries from taking over. And let’s not forget about laundry storage—keeping cleaning supplies accessible and designated spots for the vacuum cleaner and ironing board.
Even spare bedrooms benefit from generous closet space, and the inclusion of walk-in robes in the primary bedroom adds an extra touch of luxury and convenience. 



When setting up your dream home, orientation is key, and a north-facing home is a smart move for comfort and energy efficiency. 
In the southern hemisphere, north-facing houses are often considered the ideal orientation. One of the key advantages of a north-facing house is its ability to maximise natural light. By positioning the main living areas and windows to face north, these houses enjoy ample daylight throughout the day. This orientation is particularly beneficial in colder climates as it naturally warms the house during the winter months. Shading from harsh midday summer sun needs to be considered.


When crafting your ideal family home, it’s important to consider every detail, from functional designs and versatile living spaces to optimal orientation, and even down to the amount of storage in the home. At Wilson Homes, we understand the significance of these details and are committed to helping you bring your vision to life, ensuring that every aspect of your dream family home reflects your unique needs and lifestyle.