Wilson Homes were the ones who ticked every box

When I looked at the various builders around Hobart, Wilson Homes were the ones who ticked every box.

I went to numerous building expos and the staff from Wilson Homes were always very friendly – and they offered affordable packages that suited my budget.

I visited Wilson Homes’ Venice display home and decided that it would fit perfectly on my block. I didn’t need to visualise the plans in my head, and being able to see what my home would look like was great. I was able to walk into a space and think “this is where my sofa will go”, and begin to plan the layout of my home.

Wilson Homes made the process so easy. I went to their Selection Centre and it was just great. I could make all my design decisions and appliance selections under one roof and I didn’t have to drive all over town to different suppliers. In addition, they were able to organise all the paperwork for me, as I used their in-house finance option as well. Gemma Robertson (client finance manager) was fantastic. I’d make an appointment with her and she’d have all the paperwork ready to go. She was so friendly, helpful and professional.

I built the Venice Professional which is in Wilson Homes’ First Choice Affordable Homes range, and I began with the bronze level inclusions, however was able to make a few tweaks and changes – I added two additional windows in my kitchen and extended my kitchen bench – the Wilson Homes staff were easily able to incorporate the changes and nothing was ever too much trouble.

I also upgraded the door handles and shower heads, and on the contract I could clearly see where I was credited for the original products and charged for the new ones. It couldn’t have been simpler.

Dealing with one person who I was able to constantly come back to was fantastic – I don’t know anything about building so having Gemma there to answer all my questions was amazing.

Even the after-sales and handover processes were great. I was shown around my house and the little things were pointed out to me, like the location of the electricity switchboard and the hot water cylinder, so if the power goes out in the middle of the night I know where to look!

I’d recommend Wilson Homes to anyone.