Bronte Acreage Design

New Acreage Home Collection

Bronte Acreage Design

There is something undeniably charming about living on acreage in a country style home. From enjoying the peace and quiet to having the space to build the home of your dreams, country living offers endless appeal no matter your life stage.

Wilson Homes is thrilled to announce our new Acreage Home Collection, a range of beautiful country designs that offer flexibility and flow that allow you to embrace the country lifestyle. 

New Acreage Home Designs

Our modern country home designs are inspired by the traditional Australian farmhouse and include everything you need for superb family living. Our designs can also be customised to meet your land requirements or design desires to realise your country living dream.

You are sure to love the Bronte,  an incredible grand design where everything you could desire in an acreage home is realised. 

Be inspired by the Cambridge,  a wonderful, smaller acreage home where considered architectural design is showcased through the beautifully defined spaces throughout this home. 

If you’re looking for a clever design to maximise your block and enhance the country way of life, the Lyndhurst delivers well-defined living and accommodation areas without sacrificing space and lifestyle. 

Acreage Blocks of Land for your Home

We know when it comes to selecting the design and placement of your home on the block, it’s important to consider the views and aspects for your home and the designs that meet your desires for access, landscaping and gardens plus extra’s like sheds or workshops.

If you have the perfect acreage block, our Building and Design Consultants can help you to select the ideal country home design for your block and advise you on the best positioning to maximise your views and other positioning considerations like energy efficiencies, outdoor entertaining areas and additional structures.

We offer free site inspections and quotes so call us and speak with our team to request a free site inspection, so you can start your dream country home. 

Finding the perfect block of land isn’t always as easy as it seems, so if you don’t have a block of land, speak with our team who would love to assist you to find that perfect block for your acreage home.

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